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Welcome to the Flic 2 pre-launch event!

Our goal with the next generation of Smart Buttons is to make it truly easier than ever to make anything happen at the push of a button.

Flic 2 will bring the ecosystem of connected apps, features and possibilities to an entirely new level


The early bird gets the button

By engaging in our crowd-launch event you can help us shape the campaign, inspire others and unlock exclusive 24h early access to the campaign before it’s announced to the public.

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Honorary Ambassador

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  • Includes Curious Innovator, Ambassador & Power User perks

Engage and inspire others

A product has (probably) never been launched like this before where our fans are part of the launch with us!

Invite people that are like-minded who want to have an impact in creating a better tomorrow. Below you’ll find a few “missions” that will help us shape this campaign before we launch it. The more engaged you are the more we’ll involve you!

What Flic is All About

Our smartphones have become a platform where we can connect with anyone or anything instantly. Whether we want to order an Uber, check the weather or just want to grab an electric scooter to work we can do that from just picking up this amazing device from our pockets.

We can also use it to control all kinds of connected things with everything from our smart lights and music playback to fridges and coffee machines. We are connected to the world and our things in a different way today than we were 10 years ago.

All this amazing technology is made with the purpose of improving our lives and making us a better version of ourselves but at the same time it’s creating more distractions and requiring more of our attention.

Life Hacking at Your Fingertips
Just think about all the things you do every-day that could be reduced to a push of a button. Our mission is to make this happen.

Push of a Button Platform for the 21st Century
Whether we like it or not, technology tends to require attention. By eliminating all unnecessary steps, technology will be at your command when you need it – not the other way around.

Your Mind Deserves Break
Our phones might be the most attention demanding devices in our lives. By providing direct access to features within your phone without having to even look at a screen reduces the distractions that our phones might imply on us.

Unlocked: Sneak Peek

New and Improved

Flic has been around for a few years and our goal with the next generation of smart buttons is to make it truly easier than ever to make anything happen at the push of a button. The next generation of Flics features many improvements, both on the hardware and software and more importantly we are launching something new that will bring the ecosystem of connected apps and features to an entirely new level.

The Open Flic Platform

Unlike the current Flic platform, Flic 2 has been designed from the ground up with openness and versatility in mind. The power of Flic will no longer be limited to the features that we provide you.

Over the years we have seen again and again that there are so many great ideas within our community. We want to take this to the next level by making it even easier for our users to share their ideas, use cases and even custom integrations with the rest of the Flic community.

We want to give you the power to shape and form what Flic will become.

We think that Flic should be able to work with just about anything. Flic 2 is created with this in mind from the drawing board to maximize the potential of what you can make happen with a simple press of a button.

Interested in integrating Flic buttons in your service? Contact us!.

Powerful tools
By providing powerful and easy-to-use tools for everyone, our hope is that the potential of Flic will grow faster than we would ever be able to do on our own.

Anyone can contribute
Our tools are not only for coders. Our vision is that just about anyone should be able to make their ideas into reality with our tools.


Flic 2 Highlights

To achieve this we have redesigned the hardware and perfected it, here are some highlights:

Better Performance
Changes to the internal components of Flics hardware increases stability as well as latency.

Longer Battery Life
Optimizations on both hardware and software gives Flic 2 a major improvement of battery life of up to 60%. In addition to that it’s designed with a much bigger battery.

Longer Range
Flic 2 sports a brand new Bluetooth Long Range chip which enables a significant improvement in range.

More Durable
A new mixture of plastics and coating provides a durable surface that lasts longer and stays clean for longer.

New Design
Subtlety was key when designing the next generation smart buttons. A button that blends in no matter where you put it.

Improved tactile feel providing distinct response to let you know by feel whether you pushed or not.

Feedback LEDs
A 3 colored LED lets your Flic talk back to you in the most subtle way. This can for example be used to give confirmation that the action you wanted to trigger actually happened.

Bluetooth MIDI for Musicians
MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) is a standard for communicating with musical equipment. By adding this to your arsenal you can get wireless access to any feature within your Bluetooth MIDI supported devices.

Bluetooth HID
Bluetooth HID, or Human Interface Device, lets Flic emulate keyboards, mouses, gamepads and more. This means that you can control any hardware that has support for Bluetooth LE, regardless of operating system.

Incentivized Ecosystem

Along with Flic 2 we will be officially launching the Flic App Marketplace which is a program for all app developers that have amazing apps or ideas that can work with Flic. With the new Affiliate Program we leverage the global supply chain we have and putting it in the hands of our community of app developers and giving them the ability to earn a commission on the Flics that are using their app or platform. App developers can be up and running and start selling within one day of integrating Flic.

One more thing...

We are proud to announce that it's not only Flic that will be getting an update. We also took the opportunity to make the next version of the Flic Hub.

Here are some highlights of what's new:

  • Bluetooth Long Range
  • 5Ghz WiFi
  • Improved IR

New Content!

Product Launch Video Teaser!

Our Mission:

Make anything happen with the push of a button

Flic gives you full control of your smart devices, triggering dozens of actions at once with just a single push.

Connect Flic to a wide array of apps on your Smart Phone or the Flic Hub.

Here are some examples:




And much, much more...