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Meet Flic 2 – The Perfect Button

Launching this spring!

We’ve re-built Flic from the ground up thanks to the support of thousands of early adopters. It’s time to rally together again, and launch Flic 2!

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Our Mission:

Make anything happen with the push of a button

Flic gives you full control of your smart devices, triggering dozens of actions at once with just a single push.

Connect Flic to a wide array of apps on your Smart Phone or the Flic Hub.

Here are some examples:


  • Set the mood by dimming the lights for that cozy dinner
  • Don’t get out of bed because the kitchen light is on
  • Cleaning mode! Put everything on max!
  • Put your light switches where you actually need them


  • Pause the music when someone calls, and push play when you’re done talking
  • Push the volume to MAX when your favorite special song starts
  • Skip that song. No one remembers why it is in the playlist, anyway.
  • Set the mood with the perfect dinner jazz in just a touch


  • Wake Up – Snooze alarm, turn on the coffee, play soothing music, turn on the lights
  • Leave Home – Turn everything off
  • Log Habits – How many cups of coffee did I have today? Has your partner watered the plants?
  • Lunch Break – Notify everyone in the office it's time for lunch

And much, much more...

  • Smart Home – Lights, Speakers, Thermostats, Chromecast, Smart TVs, Coffe Machines...
  • Phone Control - Snooze Alarms, Camera Trigger, Location Sharing, Mute, Find My Phone...
  • Music - Playback and Volume Control, Playlists...
  • Cloud Services - IFTTT, Zapier, Flow...
  • App Control - Runkeeper, Timely, Waze...

So what’s new?

Flic 2 is the result of 6 years of improvements based on community feedback and hard work from our engineers. Step inside to get an exclusive sneak peek of the future of smart buttons.

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